Coffee Talk #045 – Build a Professional Web Presence in Minutes: Easily Grab New Customers, Grow Your Brand, and Monetize Your Site With WordPress; James and Former Silicon Valley Expert Don Campbell Tell You How

Coffee Talk with Don Campbell from

Don Campbell, formerly of Microsoft and Interwoven has brought his years of expertise in internet brand building and CMSs to brick-and-mortar businesses with the creation of his own company Seeing that traditional forms of marketing such as the Yellow Pages and local classified ads were rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and that many brick-and-mortar businesses were falling by the wayside because they failed to realize that, Don now helps them build successful online presences and even make money through monetizing their sites with Ad Sense and affiliate programs.

Having used much more complicated CMSs in the past, Don now fully supports the use of WordPress, a free, open source content management system which allows anybody to quickly and easily (and cheaply) set up an incredibly stylish, versatile, and consumer friendly website that they can modify themselves without having to pay a graphic designer.

Recognizing that many of the skills and tools that Don was using easily transferred to affiliate marketing and other online businesses, James asked Don to speak with him about the benefits WordPress. In this edition of Coffee Talk, James and Don illustrate how WordPress allows any business (online or otherwise) to boost traffic, build their personal brands, and reach more customers and prospects.

While WordPress is sometimes seen as the poor man’s version of more “professional” CMSs, Don explains that WordPress:

  • Features excellent SEO mechanics.
  • Easily allows the addition of fresh content regularly (great for driving Google search results.)
  • Creates eye-catching and useful sites in minutes to grab and keep the attention of customers and prospects.
  • Offers a wide variety of plug-ins which enhance the end consumer’s impression of the site, drive traffic, give webmaster essential data they need, and allow users to easily monetize their sites through AdSense and affiliate programs.

As an added bonus, Don shares his favorite plug-ins and explains the features of his own newly created WordPress theme with James and his listeners.

Whether you’re a traditional business owner looking for an easy and cost-effective way to expand onto the web or an online marketer or business owner who wants to build a better site, this edition of Coffee Talk can help you do just that.