Coffee Talk #043 – Increase Traffic And Commissions, And Learn What Affiliate Managers Want To See (And Hear) From Affiliates

Coffee Talk with Linda Woods, President of

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer has made it his mission to make learning affiliate marketing as easy as possible by bringing industry insiders to his Coffee Talk series.

This edition is no exception.

James speaks–once again–with Linda Woods, President of, about how affiliate management actually works, why most affiliates fail to make the most of their individual programs, and how easy getting started in this business can be if you can overcome the number one hurdle affiliates face: their own shyness!

Linda Woods is a featured columnist in Revenue Magazine and has been in the industry for years—working with Commission Junction as far back as 1999. She is now head of which has as clients National Geographic, Quicken Loans, and Hannover Direct. As an extremely successful affiliate program consultant she offers critical insight on how the industry works from “the other side of the table.”

It’s no small task demystifying the affiliate system but Linda understands the hang-ups and pitfalls that many affiliates succumb to. She’s extremely personable and is excited about teaching people how to earn more money. By chatting with James about how any affiliate can make the most out of their relationship with their affiliate manager by following her simple motto of “just ask,” Linda shows just how easy it can be to maximize your success.

Topics that Linda and James touch on include:

  • What to look for in a good affiliate program.
  • How to harness your personal passion and make it work for you.
  • How to correctly address your affiliate manager so your questions will be answered.
  • What questions you should be asking to ensure that you get the most out of your affiliate program (and its manager.)
  • How to ask for commission increases in a fashion that will ensure you either get them or learn what you need to do in order to.
  • How to maximize your earning potential and the traffic flow of your site through customized creatives, affiliate contests and promotions, and one-on-one suggestions and feedback from your affiliate manager.

Linda also spends a great deal of time speaking with James about the web 2.0 revolution and shares her enthusiasm about the new possibilities this technology opens up for affiliates, warning them never to be afraid of trying new things. She offers tips and tricks that she and her company uses every day to capitalize on innovations and shares strategies for effectively using:

  • Blogging interfaces such as WordPress
  • 2.0 communication applications such as Twitter
  • Social media sites like FaceBook
  • Web-based media such as YouTube
  • Podcasting and RSS services

In shaky economic times, Linda knows that affiliate marketing is one of the few industries in which you can actually control your own destiny. Sit in on this edition of Coffee Talk with James Martell and learn how you too can maximize your success through better understanding affiliate structure, trends, tricks, and tools.