Coffee Talk #042 – Can Affiliate Marketing Counter Uncertainty In an Unstable Economy, Allow You to Overcome Unemployment, and Lead to Independence?

Coffee Talk with Super Affiliate, Brent Truitt

James Martell, President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., natural search expert, and successful affiliate marketer always brings interesting people by for his Coffee Talk chats but this interview stands out from the rest. This time around James speaks with Brent Truitt, one of his former students who used the skills James taught him to overcome unemployment at the hands of corporate downsizing.

A former airline mechanic, Brent was laid off but refused to dwell on the negative aspects of the experience and saw an opportunity hidden within. He took the leap of faith, began working from home, and became his own boss after coming across
James’s website on the internet and hasn’t ever looked back.

Truitt had almost no knowledge of the internet when he began his journey and “could barely check [his] own email.” By plunging in feet first and learning everything he could, Brent has built himself a very successful business and has truly become a “super affiliate.” While working only four hours a day, Brent still maintains a level of independence and freedom most people can only dream of. He never has to wake to an alarm clock and enjoys taking road trips in his new RV every three or four weeks.

Listen in as James and Brent relay:

  • The number one not-so-secret “secret” behind naturally driving search engine traffic to your sites.
  • Why mechanical SEO and keyword techniques may actually hurt your search engine results.
  • Why it’s so important to have other sites linking back to yours and how to accomplish that.
  • The pros and cons of outsourcing content creation and how to do so successfully.
  • The single most important tip for longevity and growing your income to the next level.

In this unstable global economy many people have lost their jobs already and many more are working under the constant shadow of that threat. Through some brilliant horizontal thinking Brent Truitt took advantage of his own forced career change and now he couldn’t ever imagine going back to punching a time clock or suffering through another morning commute.

Whether you’re a newcomer to internet marketing maybe looking for a way to secure an income in an uncertain economy or an experienced marketer who’s always looking for a way to build their income and grow their business, Brent and James Martell’s chat is full of useful, real-world experience from people who have “been in the trenches” and come out on top. Make sure the coffee is hot and get ready to take some notes on this edition of Coffee Talk with James Martell.