Coffee Talk #034 – Reduce the Time You Spend Working Online, While Increasing Your Productivity By Joining James Martell, President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., as he Teaches You How to Get and Stay Organized!

Coffee Talk with James Martell

As an affiliate marketer, Martell relates to the problems and, sometimes overwhelming, workload facing online businesses. He has developed ways to make his own life successful and fulfilling by learning to optimize his time and manage his resources.

As author of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook and founder of Affiliate Marketer BootCamp, Martell frequently speaks to groups of entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers on how to increase success while decreasing workload. In this seminar, he addresses four key areas that impact efficiency while working online: computer, financial, office, and time management. His 11 baby steps do away with the distractions that are slowing you down and limiting your efficiency. Each step is easy to accomplish and designed to create a happier, more productive work life.

Martell explains how a cluttered work space detracts from getting work done in a timely manner. To address this problem, he shows listeners how to organize an office, set up automated systems, stay on task, and eliminate distractions. A true believer in enjoying life, Martell looks for ways to reduce time in front of the computer. Thus, he has developed systems to organize information in a way that makes it easy to access and store. He guides participants through setting up tools that reduce duplicate entry and link cooperative programs and websites.

By using software to store and manage information, Martell shows how to make your computer work for you. During this seminar, he offers suggestions for useful software to reduce the amount of time you spend online. Martell helps navigate the tools and resources available to help organize and automate recurring actions. These simple tools will reduce computer time while improving output.

In this session, learn:

  • Shortcuts that shave time off your daily computer activities
  • Tips and tools to reduce wasted energy and keystrokes
  • Ways to increase your keyboarding skills
  • How to manage usernames and passwords
  • The benefits of affiliate organizers and form filling software
  • How to protect yourself from data loss
  • Tips to effectively manage your time
  • To organize project data, time lines, and records

These tips and tools have enabled Martell to spend less time at work and more time enjoying his life and his family. If you are ready to simplify your work life and eliminate wasted hours and efforts, grab a notebook and listen in as James Martell shows you How to Get and Stay Organized.