Coffee Talk #031 – Coffee Talk with Sean Hendrickson from on Affiliate Programs

Coffee Talk with Sean Hendrickson from Digital River’s

Listen in as James Martell, a successful affiliate marketer, renowned author, and the President of Net Guides Publishing Inc., sits down with Sean Hendrickson, the advertising sales and business manager for One Network Direct.

Hendrickson started out in 1993 creating a company called Hendrickson began his career in ecommerce selling academic software through the site in 1993. In 1996, he began his career with Digital River as a product manager, and then in 2000 moved into brand management and merchandising. In 2004 he became involved in the One Network Direct Affiliate Program. Today, One Network Direct works with over 1500 associates, 50,000 software publishers, and boasts sales of over $2 billion annually.

In this edition of Coffee Talk, Hendrickson and Martell discuss important information for those affiliates just getting started in the businesses, including what to look for in a merchant. The most important thing, Sean notes, is that a merchant must have loyalty, as well as a built in trust factor because of that loyalty. He notes that a good brand might be more expensive, but is recognized and has a brand loyalty that causes viewers to buy.

Another item the two discuss is making sure you, the affiliate, are getting paid. Hendrickson suggests making sure your site is one that you would buy from, and that if you have doubts, odds are others will too. He also suggests making sure you’re getting credit for all your work, and click through your links and complete a test transaction. This way, there is no need to worry about not receiving credit. Also make sure that your site shows that it is secure, as this will give customers a greater peace of mind and make them more likely to buy, giving you better conversion rates.

According to Hendrickson, what’s attracting companies to affiliates is, “one word, distribution.” By getting the product to a number of affiliates, it gets out to others. Affiliates enable companies to distribute a product effectively to a large number of people, making it a successful way of selling that product. Hendrickson’s suggests text links as a supplement for advertising with banners or other ads on the site.

They can be included in articles, or a simple note that says “click here,” but text links allow a different way to have your audience access the merchant without relying solely on banner ads. Also discussed is the need for simple sites with limited numbers of links, as leaving too many options for the viewer can lead to low conversion rates.

So sit back, relax, and grab your cup of coffee. Another great Coffee Talk session is about to begin!