Sarah Bundy

Sarah BundySarah Bundy is an affiliate manager with more than a decade of Internet marketing experience. She also speaks at industry events such as Affiliate Management Days and the Online Marketing Summit. Sarah writes for Small Business Trends, ReveNews, and FeedFront Magazine, and hosts her own blog at, which was listed in the Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2012 by Affiliate Summit.

She is founder and CEO of three successful affiliate marketing businesses which include All Inclusive Marketing, Affiliate Management Trainers and Additionally, she is currently writing her first book, "The Art of Performance Marketing", which will be available for purchase later this year. Sarah truly understands the ins and outs of Internet marketing and knows the best techniques to use it to grow a business, her enthusiasm often inspires those around her.

Inspiring others is one of the reasons why she teaches at the School of Internet Marketing. Sarah loves sharing her passion and knowledge about this industry with those who are interested in learning about Internet marketing. She enjoys teaching others to employ those techniques for their own businesses, whether their company is based on the concept of either affiliate marketing or merchandising. Watching others succeed excites her because this is one of the few industries to allow people the freedom and prosperity to happily live and work in a way that promotes family togetherness. It’s a lifestyle that can boost emotional well-being and overall happiness.

Sarah lives in the beautiful beachfront community of White Rock, which is located 40-minutes from Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada’s western coastline. Regardless of the time of year, there’s always something exciting to do there! In addition to the beach, the area is as popular for hands-on outdoor activities like fishing and crabbing as it is for showcasing the works of local artists or preserving historic and heritage sites. However, for Sarah the best part of living in White Rock is that she’s geographically close to some of her closest friends, who include James Martell and his family.

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