Dan Maynard

Dan Maynard

Dan Maynard

Dan Maynard graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a specialization in Marketing. Since 2006 he has found success with both internet and affiliate marketing. However, he first began working with search engine optimization in 1999. He is currently the SEO College Director at Joomlashack.

Joomlashack is the largest template company in the world for Joomla, a free and open source content management system. Additionally, Dan has worked with Conceptis Technologies, CityChoices, Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia, Joomlashack, Whatevercomputes, Standard Machines, and many more companies across the industry. Nothing compares to the trill he receives from sharing his knowledge to students, though.

Dan loves video which is the reason why he teaches YouTube optimization to students who want to learn more about how to succeed with YouTube marketing. What he truly enjoys about YouTube optimization is that rankings can soar to high levels in such short periods of time. In fact, the results are almost immediate! He equates YouTube optimization to pay-per-click advertising without paying any of the high fees. Because so many people use video sites like YouTube, it’s one media that provides the best means to connect with an audience.

The good fortune of connecting with great mentors during his own days as a student was one of the driving forces behind Dan’s decision to teach. He feels strongly about giving back, especially when he sees his students succeed and share in their excitement about what they’re learning as they master new skills.

Dan works from his home in Regina, Saskatchewan where he lives with his wife. He enjoys the freedom and challenges that go along with running his own business while collecting all the rewards of running a traditional, brick and mortar establishment. One of those rewards of living in the heart of central Canada is the wide range of things to do with his family.

The people in Saskatchewan, Canada are friendly and the lifestyle is relaxed and laid back. From casinos, spas, small town gatherings, and festivals with an international theme that appeal to urban socialites to horseback riding, camping, and water sports for avid outdoor enthusiasts, Dan insists that it’s one area of the country that truly has something for everyone.

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