Each of our instructors is handpicked and is recognized as a leader in their respective industries. Our instructors are real-world successes who teach you real-world skills. Each one is extremely knowledgeable about their subject and passionate about passing that knowledge onto you.

The instructors at The School of Internet Marketing aren't here because they need to be; they're here because they're excited about what they teach and who they're teaching.

In an age where lightning-fast changes are happening across all industries, learning must be accessible, it must be fast and it must be now.

Sarah BundySarah Bundy

Award-winning affiliate manager Sarah Bundy is founder and CEO of multiple successful businesses. She is also head of affiliate marketing at the Online Marketing Institute. Sarah’s blog was listed in 2012’s Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blogs by Affiliate Summit. Sharing her knowledge allows others to catch her enthusiasm grow their businesses as a result. She feels this is one of the few industries which allows families to live and work together. A resident of White Rock, BC Sarah is currently publishing her first book.

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Dan MaynardDan Maynard

Internet marketer Dan Maynard has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University with a specialization in marketing. He has been doing search engine optimization since 1999 and currently he is the SEO College Director at joomlashack.com, the world’s biggest Joomla template company. Dan enjoys teaching strategies related to SEO like how to optimize YouTube to get high rankings quickly. He enjoys the freedom and challenge of entrepreneurship while reaping the rewards associated with traditional businesses.

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Jonathan GoodmanJonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman started his career at the dawn of the Internet age producing ecommerce websites for MicroWarehouse. During the dot.com boom he built the ecommerce site for Earthweb and after the bust he managed the ecommerce site for Suburban Propane. Jonathan is President of Halyard Consulting, which was founded in 2007 when he recognized the difficulties small businesses had gaining top positions in the search engines. Since then his focus has been to improve the search rankings of businesses with geographically specific customers.

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Roy WeissmanRoy Weissman

Roy Weissman is a seasoned business development expert and leader with extensive experience in the areas of marketing, sales, strategic alliances, partnership development, mergers and acquisitions, and fiscal administration to elevate enterprise performance and impact the bottom line while targeting highly competitive markets. As a Business Development expert and Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University Weissman has negotiated hundreds of agreements, contracts and partnerships totaling millions of dollars with and on behalf of organizations including Amazon.com, Viacom, Time Warner, Synacor, Examiner.com, Comcast, News Corp/Fox, Playboy Entertainment Group, Cablevision, Next New Networks, Blinx.com and Cardomain.com amongst many others.

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James MartellJames Martell

James Martell is a successful author, podcaster and sought after speaker who discovered the lucrative world of the Internet in 1999. He is a recognized expert in affiliate marketing, SEO and outsourcing, and is the Founder of The School of Internet Marketing. James lives with his Arlene, and their four children in a seaside suburb of Vancouver BC Canada.

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Don CampbellDon Campbell

Don Campbell is President of Expand2Web, which provides tools and training to help businesses succeed online. Don Campbell spent 4.5 years with Microsoft before starting his company. A speaker at global technology seminars, he’s excited about teaching business owners to transform themselves to be open to new prospects. This is a historic time to get involved online, and he loves helping others understand technical ideas in a no-nonsense way. There are always new things to learn because the industry changes often. In his spare time Don hangs out in around his San Jose home with his family.

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Stephanie LitchensteinStephanie Lichtenstein

Stephanie Lichtenstein has an impressive background in the marketing industry, working with both Internet Retailer Top 500 and Fortune 500 companies. A public speaker at national conferences, her book, Social Media for Non-Techies, explains how social media can be a cost effective and powerful tool to promote business. Because social media is constantly in flux, she’s always learning new skills that she can pass along to others. She and her fiancé split their time between Miami, FL and NYC.

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Steve WasherSteve Washer

Steve Washer, a 20-year video producer and educator, is the chief visionary of the online media company, BrainyVideo.com, specializing in video marketing, sales and training media with an emphasis on content that converts prospects into clients. As an author, speaker and writer of video marketing, Steve specializes in providing business owners with the tools and techniques they need to create an authoritative presence online. He is the author of The Video Brain and creator of the popular video marketing coaching programs Audience Builder’s Blueprint and SellOnSite.

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Content Contributors

Brian LittletonBrian Littleton

Brian Littleton first became involved in the affiliate marketing industry in 2000, and has since helped shape it into what it is today. Founder and CEO of ShareASale, a performance marketing network that connects merchants to advertisers. More than 2600 small-to-medium sized businesses choose ShareASale as their preferred network. Brian is known for going to great lengths to help his customers and employees succeed.

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Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins is an internet marketer who has been using the latest strategies in the industry since 1997. Co-founder of the Affiliate Summit, the leading conference for affiliate marketers, he is also the Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine. Shawn is also a daily contributor to his blog, the Affiliate Tip and host of Affiliate Thing, a weekly podcast on GeekCast.FM.

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Ryan AllisRyan Allis

Ryan Allis is author of the popular entrepreneurship book, Zero to One Million. He believes people can do anything they set their minds to, and has lived that philosophy since he was a student at Manatee High School in Florida. The founder of technological companies such as iContact and Virante, he has been named an INC 500 CEO three times. Ryan is currently pursuing an MBA at Harvard.

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Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller first learned of Internet marketing in 1997, and it wasn’t long before he fell in love in the business model. After working with businesses like Online Casino Group and building it to rank as a top affiliate program in 2 years, he began consulting other companies about Internet marketing. In 2001 he launched Offer Forge, a network that serves businesses across the globe.

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Lisa RioloLisa Riolo

Lisa Riolo is an active, dedicated member of the performance advertising community and remains committed to its further growth and achievement. Prior to co-founding Impact Radius, Lisa consulted with high-growth businesses to develop online marketing programs and scale operations. Lisa’s previous experience includes serving as senior VP of business development at Commission Junction.

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Jonathan Diller

Jonathan Diller is Vice President, Provider Network & Services at Elance, Inc. A former Senior Manager at BlueStar Solutions and Senior Consultant with Arthur Andersen, he is no stranger to the need businesses have for great employees. At Elance Jonathan is responsible for recruiting and training new providers, and he oversees the entire customer service department for the site as well.