Podcast #4 – How to Succeed Online By Taking Control of Your Web Presence

Don CampbellInterview with Don Campbell

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing has been working on the internet full time for well over a decade and knows that your taking control of your web presence is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed online.

In this episode of The School of Internet Marketing podcast, James chats with Don Campbell of Expand2Web.com about what he helps business owners do every day - take control of their web presence to boost their business.

You MUST Be Online to Succeed in Today’s Marketplace!

There are a lot of business owners today who still don’t have a lot of control over their web presence. Listen in as James and Don discuss how this can devastate their business in the near future if it isn’t already - and how simple it can really be to get active online and engage your customers.

Don asks, “What is your footprint online?” The truth is, there are a number of places your customers are probably already looking for you on the web, and if you don’t show up to deliver, they will move on to your competitors.

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Even if your business doesn't have a website, there are a number of places you might be showing up already anyway:

  • Review sites
  • Business directories
  • Possible even Facebook!

Don’t let your online presence remain out of your control - take charge and make sure that customers are seeing your brand the way YOU want to portray it. Listen in to find out how - and check out Don’s course in The School of Internet Marketing.

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