Episode #27 – How to Locate and Hire a Writer that Will Capture the Voice of Your Company

James MartellAre you a business looking to create content for your online marketing activities? Are you thinking the task is too much for you or a team member? Are you looking for a professional writer to take over the task? Writing the marketing content of your website can be a daunting job, especially if writing is not one of your fortes. Finding a writer to do it for you can be an excellent business move.

If you’re interested in learning how to help your website attract visitors, then you’ll want to invest 20 minutes to listen to this podcast. In this edition of The School of Internet Marketing podcast, your host Nick Jaworski interviews James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing and Vice President of Product Development for jambMEDIA, about how you can find a great writer to create your online marketing content.

Making sure you discover the best writer for your business is an essential task.

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The Options Available

James starts off this edition by mentioning business leaders have three options when they decide to create online marketing content. The first option is to do it themselves with the second option being to task a team member to do the writing for the business. This can be effective if you or your employee have the skills and knowledge for the task.

However, if these are not an option, you will need to find another source - hiring a professional online.

James estimates he has used over 100 writers in his career and has about 8 to 10 on the go at any one time. He states there are several key components a good professional writer needs in order to provide you the best work.

The Online Marketplace

In the past, James would find his writers through local advertisements. He would then liaise with those local writers via email in order to have the work completed.

Then came a time when he was giving a presentation about hiring a writer and an individual informed him of a site called Elance. The site is a marketplace to find service providers across a range of specialties include graphic artists, writers and other subjects.

At the time of the presentation, there were about 200,000 service providers on the site. There are now over three million.

Finding the Best Writer

Finding a writer for your business is an easy task on the site. You create a job posting much like a classified ad with a header and a description. Once you have created the job posting you can have freelancers from around the world bid for your position.

There are a number of things you need to consider. In the podcast James covers many frequent questions, including the following:

  • Should you use just native English writers?
  • What are the key skills to look for in a writer?
  • Do you need a writer who can portray your brand’s voice?
  • How do you post something on Elance?
  • Do you use a writer’s name or your business’ name?

Do You Need to Find the Perfect Writer?

Are you looking to find a great writer for your website and online marketing content? Do you need direction on where to look and what to look for? Then join James Martell in this podcast and let us know your thoughts.

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