Episode #26 – How to Organize a Publishing Schedule for Your Website that’s Pleasing to Google to Ensure Top Rankings and Long-term Success

James MartellAre you struggling to keep up with the demands for fresh content by Google? Thinking you aren't writing enough new content to grab the attention of the search engines and therefore not generating any visitors? You can solve the problem and generate regular traffic to your website by organizing a publishing schedule. [Read more...]

Episode #25 – What Should I Write About? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple (and Painfully Obvious Once You Hear It!)

James MartellDo you struggle with generating ideas to write about on your website? Concerned your content will not attract the search engines or the visitors? Business leaders are forever asking the question: “What should I write about?” when they are thinking about their online marketing. Content is very important and Google is forever attempting to adjust the way it ranks pages so quality content comes to the forefront. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #86 – Your Own Podcast – Just 30 Minutes a Week

Carol NewmanCoffee Talk with Carol Newman

James Martell is a leading expert in the affiliate marketing industry as a popular author, speaker, and host of the Affiliate Buzz and Coffee Talk. He also recently started a new journey as the founder of The School of Internet Marketing. [Read more...]

Episode #24 – How to Satisfy Google’s Insatiable Appetite for Fresh, Interesting and Relevant Content

James MartellDo you need help finding ways to satisfy Google’s insatiable appetite for new content? Do you want to dominate the search results for your keywords? If you aren’t feeding Google’s desire for continuous, fresh and relevant content, then you’re missing out on higher search results. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #85 – Online Marketing for Small Businesses – How Far Will Your Business Grow?

Dr. Jeri AndersonCoffee Talk with Dr. Jeri Anderson

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, has achieved success as an Internet marketer by taking advantage of free natural search engine traffic. You cannot purchase these listings; It’s all about learning effective techniques to boost those search engine rankings. [Read more...]

Episode #23 – Why Online Reviews Are Vitally Important for Your Internet Success (and How to Get More of Them)

James MartellDoes your company encourage clients to use online reviews? Are your customers leaving feedback in places that increase the reputation of your business? If you haven’t learned the importance of getting more out of online reviews then you could be missing out on a bigger bottom line. [Read more...]

Episode #22 – How to Claim Your Business Directory Listings (A Simple Strategy to Increase Local Rankings and Traffic)

James MartellDo you want to increase your Google rankings? Could your website use some additional traffic? If you aren’t using strategies designed to increase rankings and traffic, then you are likely missing out on benefits associated with them. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #83 – Podcast Your Way to Success with Don Landwirth, Host of The Free COO Podcast and Business Start-up Expert

donald-landwirthCoffee Talk with Donald Landwirth

In this edition of Coffee Talk, James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, talks with Don Landwirth about the power of using audio to engage your audience. Podcasting, in particular, is a relatively untouched online marketing tool that can help you get ahead of your competitors by giving your audience a fresh way to connect with your business. [Read more...]

Episode #21 – Citations. Why (and How) They Affect Your Google Rankings

James MartellDo you look for ways to create citations for your website? Have you given any thought to how citations affect Google rankings? Do you know why it affects them? If you aren’t giving thought to how citations influence where your website lands in search engine rankings, or if you aren’t bothering with citations at all, then your search engine rank could be suffering as a result. [Read more...]

Episode #20 – The BIG 5 Things Google Demands (If You Want High Rankings and Real Traffic)

Interview with James Martell

Do you want to enjoy higher Google rankings? Does your site bring in real traffic using the five things Google really cares about? If you’re not sure how to develop your site to meet Google’s standards, then it may not live up to its full potential. [Read more...]