Episode #030 – Case Study: Chiropractor Employs a Handful of SmarterLocal Strategies to Consistently Attract 16-20 New Patients a Month from the Internet!

Dr. Cale CopelandJames Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing talks with Dr. Cale Copeland from Victoria Family Chiropractic about the exact steps taken to successfully increase the number of new patients through the door from the Internet from 1 to 16-20 per month.

Coffee Talk #090 – How to Use 5-Star Reviews to Win New Customers

Don CampbellCoffee Talk with Don Campbell

James Martell, host of Coffee Talk and founder of The School of Internet Marketing, knows firsthand the importance of customer reviews, not only because of how they affect his own business but also because of how they affect his clients’ businesses. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #089 – Save Time, Simplify Operations, And Convert More Leads With An “All-In-One” Business Operating System

Lars HelgesonJames Martell, host of the Affiliate Buzz and Founder of The School of Internet Marketing, knows that integrating and streamlining as many aspects as possible within your business can make running much less it less stressful while generating a higher profit. [Read more...]

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Episode #29 – An Introduction to WordPress – Why 80,000,000 Website Owners Can’t Be Wrong

James MartellAre you looking for the next website platform to extend your brand’s reach? Have you heard of WordPress and are looking for more information? WordPress is a powerful content management system which can really project your online presence to your audience. Therefore understanding the platform is essential. [Read more...]

Episode #28 – Your Website is the Hub. Why It Is Critical You Take Back Control

James MartellAre you a business looking to expand your online reach? Do you regularly partake in online marketing including social media marketing, blogging and email marketing? Are you wondering what the most important element of your marketing is? No matter what marketing avenue you focus upon, the importance of your website cannot be underestimated. [Read more...]

Episode #27 – How to Locate and Hire a Writer that Will Capture the Voice of Your Company

James MartellAre you a business looking to create content for your online marketing activities? Are you thinking the task is too much for you or a team member? Are you looking for a professional writer to take over the task? Writing the marketing content of your website can be a daunting job, especially if writing is not one of your fortes. Finding a writer to do it for you can be an excellent business move. [Read more...]

Coffee Talk #088 – Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

*Podcast courtesy of the Expand2Web podcast.

James MartellIn this session of the Expand2Web Podcast, I'm joined by special guest James Martell. He has been a full-time affiliate marketer since 1999 and has been successfully teaching other to do the same since 2001. [Read more...]

Episode #26 – How to Organize a Publishing Schedule for Your Website that’s Pleasing to Google to Ensure Top Rankings and Long-term Success

James MartellAre you struggling to keep up with the demands for fresh content by Google? Thinking you aren't writing enough new content to grab the attention of the search engines and therefore not generating any visitors? You can solve the problem and generate regular traffic to your website by organizing a publishing schedule. [Read more...]

Episode #25 – What Should I Write About? The Answer Is Surprisingly Simple (and Painfully Obvious Once You Hear It!)

James MartellDo you struggle with generating ideas to write about on your website? Concerned your content will not attract the search engines or the visitors? Business leaders are forever asking the question: “What should I write about?” when they are thinking about their online marketing. Content is very important and Google is forever attempting to adjust the way it ranks pages so quality content comes to the forefront. [Read more...]