Podcast #2 – How to Attract a Steady Stream of Customers on Facebook for $5 a Day!

Stephanie LichtensteinInterview with Stephanie Lichtenstein

James Martell, founder of The School of Internet Marketing, has seen social media explode over the past few years as an exciting platform for online marketers to boost sales and traffic.

In this episode of The School of Internet Marketing podcast, James talks with Stephanie Lichtenstein, social media marketing expert and founder of Micro Media Marketing, about how business owners can boost sales during holiday periods by using Facebook.

Specific Strategies You Can Use

Listen in to hear specific strategies that Stephanie has used to boost sales for her clients - she even walks you step by step through how to use her tips on your own business’s Facebook page. She talks about:

  • Placing “offers” on Facebook that get results
  • How to make your offers stand out
  • How to set terms that make sense for your business

Facebook offers a highly unique platform for business owners looking to advertise. The marketplace is more social than ever before - Stephanie explains exactly how to use Facebook’s advertising tools to take advantage of this fact at very little cost to you. In fact, you can expand your reach on Facebook for as little as $5 - listen in to find out how.

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If you’re looking to boost holiday sales this season, let Stephanie teach you how you can use Facebook to your advantage. Facebook 101, one of Stephanie’s several courses with The School of Internet Marketing can help you learn the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook.

How to Promote Your Posts - Tutorial (1 min 29 sec)

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