Podcast #7 – Affiliate Marketing for Merchants

Sarah BundyInterview with Sarah Bundy

In this episode, James guest is the School of Internet Marketing’s own Sarah Bundy, where she is an instructor, sharing her years of experience to help others start and building an affiliate marketing career.

Sarah shares inspiring stories of success with affiliate programs for both merchants and affiliates, through this interview, courses at the The School of Internet Marketing, and her blog, which was recognized in 2012’s Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blogs by Affiliate Summit…and #6 of the top 40 digital marketing strategists for 2012, by the Online Marketing Institute.

Sharing her knowledge allows others to catch her enthusiasm to help grow their own business as well. Sarah is also an award-winning affiliate manager Sarah Bundy and founder of and CEO of AllInclusiveMarketing.com.

The Relationship between the Merchant and the Affiliate

James and Sarah discuss the relationship between the merchant and the affiliate marketer and how they can enhance each other’s business. Find out how you can earn a decent living through either side of the equation.

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Sarah also shares stories on successful merchant sites that have recently taken off considerably and are doing remarkably well, such as www.dearfoams.com, and www.blurb.com, both of which have taken great leaps in sales through affiliate programs.

Learn how merchants raise their ranking, which in turn contributes to growth, by working with affiliates in the following areas:

  • Bloggers
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

James also brings up a very popular Coffee Talk interview, titled “How to Start a Successful Affiliate Program” and can be found at. They briefly touch on the valuable information they shared in that interview.

Sarah ends with giving a little insight on her beginner’s course for The School of Internet Marketing, one that will give you the tools to build a successful affiliate program.

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